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Hair colour trends for winter 2024

Hair colour trends for winter 2024

Winter is well and truly here, and as 2024 progresses, it's not just the dropping temperatures that signal the end of sunny days but also the emergence of exciting new hair trends.

As we transition into the cooler months, you might be considering a fresh update to your look. To guide you through this season's hottest styles, we've consulted with McInnes & Co.'s own stylist and owner, Abbey who offers insights on the top hair trends, including how to achieve them and which ones will best compliment your features.

From vibrant candy colours to luxurious, rich brunettes; stylish bobs and more — here are the cut and colour trends to watch for Winter 2024.

Bronde Blends

As the remnants of summer fade, many are tempted to shift from light blonde tones to darker, richer hues. This year, we're seeing a surge in warm brown tones like caramel, honey, or chestnut, perfect for adding depth and warmth during the colder months.

Abbey suggests that a bronde blend is ideal for those with brunette or dark blonde hair wanting to experiment. This customisable colour option can be tailored to enhance your natural features and hair texture.


Cowboy Copper

With advanced formulas and luxury haircare brands, experimenting with new cuts and colours is easier than ever. You can now dye and bleach year-round while keeping your hair healthy. What's more fun than starting a new season with fresh hair?

Khloé Kardashian embraced this vibe with a new colour and matching manicure. Known for her ever-changing styles, her latest look feels more permanent. This season, she debuted a copper colour. On 22nd of May, Khloé revealed her "Strawberry Shortcake Vibes" shade, a custom mix of orange and red, crafted by stylist Tracey Cunningham. Cunningham explained on Instagram that they used golden highlights and a Redken gloss to achieve the perfect strawberry hue.

With her new colour came a new cut. At 39, Khloé styled her strawberry shade with super-long extensions. Face-framing layers and long layers throughout added dimension and volume, reminiscent of Serena van der Woodsen's iconic look.

We have recreated this look on our gorgeous stylist Courtney! We love how it's turned out!

Teddy Bear Brown

Teddy Bear Brown is the newest trend in hair colour, inspired by the shades of a classic teddy bear. This look blends blonde and brunette tones for a gorgeous, golden finish with plenty of dimension.

What Is "Teddy Bear Blonde" Hair? The name says it all. Teddy Bear Blonde combines blonde and brunette shades, creating a beautiful, warm hue perfect for winter. Achieve this look with highlights or balayage, tailored by your hairdresser to match your natural colour. One of the best features of this trend is its darker root, making it low-maintenance for brunettes as it grows out naturally. If you're considering this stylish, easy-to-maintain look, scroll down for some stunning inspiration.

Biscuit Blonde

Blondes wanting to hold onto a hint of summer can opt for 'biscuit blonde.' This warm, inviting shade is defined by golden tones, providing a fashionable twist to the traditional cooler blondes of summer.

Biscuit blonde is perfect for blondes looking to tone down for winter. For brunettes, achieving this look might include a lightening service followed by toning to reach the perfect honey hue, while blondes can get there with just a 15-minute gloss service.

This winter, let your hair make a bold statement with these fresh, trendy colours. Visit McInnes & Co to transform your look and embrace the season in style.